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Why Integrated PR is the Best Approach

Dollar for dollar, public relations is one of the most cost-effective marketing spends to generate print, broadcast and digital exposure – second only, perhaps, to organic (unpaid) search engine optimization. 2016 market statistics reveal that buyers typically require 7-8 exposures to a brand or personality before they will make a buying decision.

 Editorial placements and media appearances are FAR more credible than digital or traditional marketing, holding more long-term value than a paid advertisement. Today’s businesses need to build trust through evolved engagement techniques and transparency. Ask me how the dashboard  can tell us about your reputation in your consumer/audience relationship. 


My Methods are Unconventional

Press releases, monitoring and media alerts are not the end-all be-all of my business. PR victories should be demonstrated by far more than a collection of press clippings and mentions from an agency. 

Deliberate synthesis of PR practices with corresponding business development activities drive success. My priority is to deeply understand my clients and their needs. From there, I present a holistic strategy that is in line with their budget so that they can reach their reputation goals and revenue targets that deliver value well beyond brand mentions.

How Clients Benefit from my Experience

I have over a decade of communications and award-winning business development experience, spearheading sales and engagement strategies that earn clients tens of millions in revenue every year. 

Each brand has a narrative. Let's identify yours to create impactful business development and communication solutions that distinguish your company and elevate your visibility!

"My approach to integrated Public Relations is a force multiplier. Let's work together to transform business by putting your company on the map and in the consciousness of qualified buyers."-Amber Chaib

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