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I believe in championing business objectives through dynamic, contextual innovation with a focus on metrics.  

My approach is grounded in a strong desire to make a positive impact in the lives of teams, consumer bases, and constituencies by driving growth and visibility. Scroll down further to read what it's like to work with me.

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Education and Recruiting Development

Amber started her work with us as a consultant and then as an employee. In the time I have known her, she has proven to be a creative systems thinker who excels in business strategy with a focus on marketing and customer acquisition.

Through the years, I’ve witnessed Amber’s tenacity to accomplish a wide range of projects and business objectives...Her range of experience includes developing and managing controls, financial models, school policies, marketing programs, revenue generation and overseeing government compliance, among other areas of responsibility. It is with the utmost confidence that I recommend her.

Diana Derycz-Kessler, JD | CEO & President, The Los Angeles Film School

Corporate Responsibility and Media

Amber is the person who guided me through my work for the Veterans Immersion Program for veterans in film/television educational programs. She wears many hats. 

She has production experience, both in film and in producing large events. She also has a broad array of program marketing and management experience. Amber is seriously tapped into the veterans community, and even helped to build it locally.

Sandy Weinberg, JD  | Founder, Summit Talent and Literary Agency

Strategic Messaging & Funding

It is a pleasure working with Amber!  She took the reigns of a major, short-fused project we needed to highlight the effectiveness of our program.  She was able to take my vision and strategically develop a moving, enlightening documentary that empowered our organization to obtain continued funding, as well as improve our public relations.  

    There were myriad moving parts in this undertaking, but Amber’s leadership and keen insight highly impacted this successful project.  I am always honored to work with such skilled, intelligent and strategic professionals as Ms. Amber Chaib.

W.K. Jones | CEO, Excellence Brokers, LLC

Non-profit Impact

    As cofounder of the 501c3 nonprofit Veterans in Film & Television, I’ve had the honor and pleasure of working directly with Amber Chaib for years. Under her leadership and guidance as part of our advisory team, she was responsible for the successful coordination of over a dozen high profile and complex events in which...thousands of veterans attended, that directly contributed to their professional career development within the film and television industry, as well as strengthening their camaraderie. 

    She displayed impeccable professionalism overseeing a team of professionals, strategic planning expertise, and, most importantly, a distinct ability to overcome and adapt to challenges. Through her clear communication, initiative, and thorough event planning execution, she positioned herself as a leader among leaders and constantly empowered her team with the resources they needed to perform their duties and develop professionally. 

    Leading by example, Amber earned and commanded great respect among her team, colleagues, and fellow veterans. Her contributions and ideas were invaluable to the development of the organization’s growth and influence. Her understanding of both professional development and the veteran community has allowed her to directly communicate opportunities for both employers and veterans and is responsible for launching or enhancing thousands of veterans careers, specifically in entertainment.

Mike Dowling | Author, Producer, Non-Profit Co-founder  

I had the honor of Co-Hosting the GI Film Festival – Hollywood…with Amber Chaib. She is a consummate professional with excellent organizational and communication skills. (She produced) a very complex event with many moving parts. Coordinating show times, celebrities, military personnel, students, guests, and vendors, came comfortably for Amber. Since then I have served on the US Army Advisory board with her. She never misses a beat. I am proud to have Amber as a business associate, and proud to call her a friend.

David Biber | Public Affairs Director California ESGR, United States Department of Defense 

Pro-bono Work

Amber and I have run in a few of the same professional and social circles for a few years now. I came to know her through her work at The Los Angeles Film School, so I recently recruited her to help me with an independent training and employment program to help our military veterans. I myself have served and retired with 25 years of service to our Navy and have seen for myself, that Amber has the leadership skills of the highest traditions in our Naval Forces.

Amber has excellent communication skills (and) is highly intelligent and decisive in the manner only an experienced executive can be. She is a consummate professional and a strategist, who loves discussing and questioning details, varying approaches and potential outcomes to achieve the ultimately superior process, service or product.

In business she’s a visionary partner who is fun to work with because she puts people first and inspires them to be their best, which anyone who has worked with her can assure you is a signature trait of her leadership.

I’m looking forward to working with her again. 

Mark August | President Emeritus, The Society of Camera Operators and Founder of PA101 

(Amber) is not only a professional powerhouse, but a genuine, caring, and compassionate person. 

  I had the honor of working with her while developing The Vet Hunters Project (VHP) a non-profit dedicated to preventing and ending Veteran Homelessness. She went above and beyond to give Veterans a future, and restore their dignity and hope.    Despite the responsibility she carried for her own projects, she also rallied support for VHP making it possible to produce a much needed PSA, arranging even writers and directors to help on the project. 

   I would recommend Amber and trust her on any endeavor. She is the type of person that you can give an objective to and comfortably walk away, letting her take it from there.

Mellanie Villareal | Former Manager, The Vet Hunters Project, a 501(c)3

Government Relations & Events

   In my frequent visits to the (worksite), I got to see Ms. Chaib in action. A model leader, she was able to articulate the strategic vision while managing the operational and tactical details better than anyone I had seen in an academic environment. 

  As comfortable facilitating panels with four-star military officers and major city and state leaders as she was in mentoring transitioning military members into their new roles, she puts people at ease with her demeanor while assuring them with her assertive leadership. 

   A calm communicator and quiet professional, I felt as if I learned from her method while benefiting from her partnership. She is decisive, methodical and empowering. A total professional and a real sales closer, she makes a lasting impression as a business development leader with an entrepreneur's gift for taking ideas and turning them into plans. 

Col. Arnold Strong | Chief Communication Officer & Director, Legislative Affairs, United States Army Reserve

   Amber has developed a strong partnership with the LA Recruiting Battalion and supported different events to help recruiters in the local area. In November, she coordinates The LA Film School Annual Salute to Veterans on a Veteran's Day. 

The event I attended in November 12, 2012 was outstanding like no one you have seen before. There was a red carpet, step-and-repeat, ceremony for the GI Film Festival award winners with a Q&A, silent and live auctions benefitting wounded warriors and their families. The activity that I enjoyed the most was the panel of veterans working in the animation field talking to veterans on how to develop their skills and help them get jobs. 

For her effort, Amber was recognized by the Army and given a coin of Excellence from the Army Chief of Staff General Raymond T. Odierno.

Phillip Mucker | Training, Development and Support Technologist at Apprio Inc.


Communications | Sales | Events

I offer differentiation strategies that quickly monetize and publicly elevate your brand 

Helping clients engage demographics that are bombarded with hackneyed marketing appeals, I will NOT recommend you rely on paid social media or ad agencies. My approach  achieves overwhelmingly effective results. Ask me why and how.

We'll work closely together to dynamically, insightfully fuel engagement, develop brand loyalty and achieve community alignment with initiatives that you will be proud to have in your portfolio. 

  • Press releases
  • Strategic community relations
  • Speaking engagements
  • Red carpet management
  • High-profile joint ventures
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  • Auctions
  • Event production and media coverage
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Diversity initiatives
  • Customized educational content
  • Cross-channel development and promotion
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Government Relations

Honored by the Department of Defense, the California Senate, and the State of California, Amber is well-versed in federal and CA state compliance requirements with the Department of Education, the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, California State Veterans Approving Agency, CCME, and other major regulatory forces. 

Corporate Responsibility

Let's discuss impactful alignments a constituency will get excited about. DreamWorks, Jim Henson Company, StereoD, NARAS (GRAMMY Association) and many others have joined forces with Amber to create exciting programs and joint ventures that are built to capture hearts and minds while driving metric-focused productivity.

Media-worthy Programs

Every business needs sharp messaging and relevant exposures with a purpose. In addition to designing and implementing appropriate strategies, Amber utlilizes an arsenal of PR tools and tactical proficiencies with the purpose of bolstering brand visibility. A professional, closely held team of associates utilize a range of press, social media, and event management tools nationwide.

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